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Authentic Tuscany

Authentic Tuscan cooking class in a Chianti villa, one-day tailor-made course up to 6 people

"Learning to cook is much more than a recipe and some technique….it's a synergy of passion and tradition......come and see for yourself!"

Manuela started out of family tradition and a lifetime passion for cooking.  She has been working as professionals for many years and as teacher and loves what she does. You will enjoy the freshest and highest quality local ingredients, that will be made into a fantastic meal prepared with love and dedication. She will serve a selection of local wines that will enrich the experience. What Manuela offers is great: Tuscan cooking from the antique knowledge of a native tuscan. She was born and raised in Impruneta, a lovely town outside of Florence.

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Authentic Tuscany - Cooking Classes in the Chianti hills